"Less is only more where more is no good"

Frank Lloyd Wright

So when is "more" too much?  Well, that of course, is a matter of taste. The "less is more" philosophy is useful in fending off clutter and fussiness, but minimalism is not for everyone. From my perspective, decorative painting offers endless possibilities to improve the look and feel of a room, adding subtle layers and depth. Artwork and painted finishes, at their best, can provide more character, more warmth, more visual interest--more of everything we want home to be. I love the measured use of texture, color, and pattern, and the transformation of a room from boring to beautiful--or even  from good to extraordinary. With this in mind, I approach each project determined to use my skills and imagination to enhance a space without overwhelming it.

Over the past twenty  years or so, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide spectrum of projects including large commissioned paintings, whole room murals, and expansive wall finishes in both commercial and residential settings. My background in fine arts, and experience in residential design, provide a solid foundation for creating custom finishes and unique art for an audience with ranging tastes. I feel fortunate and blessed to work with designers and clients who appreciate the beauty of thoughtfully executed embellishment, surface decoration, and ornamentation.

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